Elevating CEO Consciousness – PDF



How can we train ourselves to quickly face all the new challenges of today’s C-suite leaders? We can prepare with real-life case studies, which are very useful. But how do we do with the rapidity of new challenges generated by the VUCA world (for Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous)?  How to retain talent? We know it’s by having an impactful purpose and sustainable values, but are they really in today’s environment? How to motivate Gen Z to go the extra mile and not just do the bare minimum? How to face difficult conversations and challenges instead of quitting? How to explain that effort pays in the long run instead of seeking instant gratification? We can’t look for solutions in the past, nor can we observe other players. We must act in the mist. Confident that we are making the right decisions; present with all our senses but not stressed; persistent in our intentions and agile in our actions; resilient in the unexpected but not agitated. These capacities can’t be found outside of ourselves. We must look inside, deep within our heart and brain.

This book invites you to practice six simple steps to become a conscious, authentic, and successful leader. One who seizes the opportunities that storms bring. The one who remains calm when turmoil is everywhere around him. The one who listens to his heart and soul to make tough and compassionate decisions for all stakeholders.


Illustrated by tens of real stories, common sense theories and graphs resulting from 40 years of empirical observations and scientific studies, the book share user-friendly tools that help thousands of C-Suite Executives make their best decisions with confidence and simplicity. It serves not only to convince during board meetings and complex negotiations but finding serenity at home is a beautiful byproduct for those practicing them.

In Chapter 2, you will understand the two states of mind that trigger all the other forces. They are paths open to us for when the storm arrives: either survive and protect our assets by closing in on oneself and one’s fellow beings, or evolve in the unknown by opening up to all that surrounds us and going into true abundance.

Like any navigator setting out on unknown seas, you need a map, a compass, and the true north. Chapter 3 will give you the map of human relationships. You will discover the nineteen strategies we use to deal with new challenges, often unconsciously. Chapter 4 will provide you with a simple compass that you can use in any situation at any time. Chapter 5 will help you define your true north. The one that is inside you. The one that makes you unique and powerful. The one that is aligned with your purpose and your values.

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